I’m just sayin’

I know that Southern California lacks the intense, crackling beauty that comes with changing leaves of autumn. I know we don’t ever get to watch from our windows as the season’s  first snowfall covers streets and lamposts and begs for the making of hot toddies or snow angels or love beneath layers of quilts. I know we don’t get the luscious green that comes with spring or summer nights so hot that you don’t ever need to have a sweater on hand.

I know all this and I do fiercely miss the changing of seasons.

We’re boring around these parts with our sunny-and-73 nearly every day. But it’s pretty damned nice to watch the sun set over the pacific.

While wearing shorts.

In January.

Move West

11 Responses to I’m just sayin’

  • aarynb says:

    I wasn’t trying to rub it in…like the title says, I was just sayin’. I’ve lived in snow. I’ve had icicles break on my head. I’ve had wet hair freeze into icicles. I’ve dug my car out and sludged through the sludge to get two blocks. It sucks. But there’s all those other cool seasons you get to have that we don’t. :)

    Still, I invite you all: Move West.

  • Kerryanne says:

    If you’d like to switch & spend a winter in Holland, let me know. That shot is gorgeous! Enjoy…

  • Susan says:

    Hush!! Stop telling people. It’s crowded enough already!!

  • Briget says:

    Goddamn that sounds good.

    I had to untuck my hands from under my thighs to type this. It’s going down to -1 tonight. I farking hate Winter (leaves to go turn the basement laundry faucet onto a trickle so it won’t freeze tonight).

    Humph. Sunsets in shorts, indeed.

  • Robert K says:

    Well… here’s how I put up with the snow and ice (photo album of pictures I took a couple winters ago):


  • Angel says:

    stop bragging! we have a severe blizzard watch in effect until tomorrow at midnight…and did i mention there’s a low of -3 for thursday…i’ll take “boring” any day!

  • LilSass says:

    Conversation I just had with my sister 20 minutes ago:

    She: Hey Sass. How’re things?
    Me: Good. I’m working. Can I call you back?
    She: Oh yeah. Just calling to say it’s 73. In January. And it’s supposed to be in the 70s all week …
    Me: *silence*
    She: More silence
    Me: Well, fuck you it’s 35 here! Talk to you later bitch.

    Thanks for rubbing it in Aaryn!

  • Jan says:

    Yes, we’re pretty spoiled around here. I’m a native and can’t imagine living in the snow.

  • Frogdancer says:

    You’ve got Australian Januarys!
    (Personally, I don’t know how people in snowy climates do it. It all seems like a lot of hard work to me. All of that shovelling and shiverrrring….)

  • I was at the beach Saturday night playing with my new camera and got a shot similar to this (but not nearly half as good!) It’s days like those and the ones we’re expecting this week that make me glad my husband convinced me to try buying a home here one. last. time.

  • Jenn says:

    it also lacks the intense crackling of icicles breaking out of your nose. and really, I’m ok with that.
    (stunning photo by the way)

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