I finally found a cat lady I can like

Because I’m so inconsistent in this space, I shamefully let Black History month slip by without a single pertinent post. But since my daughter relayed a conversation she had recently with a classmate–in which he told her, I don’t like the color of your skin (more about this in a later post)–I decided it’s never too late to celebrate Black history, which many white people (myself included) know little about.

So let’s start here with a short, spoofy tribute to Harriett Tubman (h/t NewBlackMan). Don’t know who she is? Check out her Wikipedia page to get started.

Black Moses Barbie commercial #2 of 3 from pierre bennu on Vimeo.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Harriett Tubman is one of my favorite historical figures. She was a total bad-ass and one to be truly admired. I love history and try hard to instill that same love in my girls. I’ve taken the story of her life and turned it into one of my historical bedtime stories that my girls love. From the beating she received that caused her to blackout at terrible times, to her escape from slavery and then returning over and over again to lead others to freedom…she’s pretty awesome. My girls love to hear her story.

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