An ugly number

Jesus Christ, people. I have somewhere in the ballpark of a bajillion writing ideas floating around in my head, and how many have I written? Take a guess. I ‘ll wait…

Stumped? Here. I’ll give you some hints:

1. The number is equal to the amount of character in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s left pinky fingernail.

2. It is exactly how much California Republicans care about educating children in this state.

3. It is the number of breast augmentation surgeries Christina Hendricks claims to have had.

4. It’s the number of people swept up to heaven during Saturday’s Rapture. Haha, just kidding! That was the “invisible rapture day.” The new and improved Rapture date is October 21, 2011. Be ready.

5. It’s the amount of common sense/IQ points/ability to reason exhibited by those folks who believe the Rapture is coming.

So yeah: Zee-Row. That’s what I’ve written. And that makes me very unhappy. But things are about to change around here…

5 Responses to An ugly number

  • Joe says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah….Actions (fingertips on keyboards) speak louder than words. Jack London wrote 1500 words every day, good or bad…. ;-)

  • Jen F says:

    I’ve missed you.

  • Anna says:

    You are mistaken, the rapture happened, but there were no people worth taking. Not even the kids, apparently. A few of seals must have disappeared from downtown La Jolla’s Children’s Pool ; )

  • Your not writing makes some of us out here unhappy as well!

    I’ve been telling people that being a godless heathen sure makes it easy to not care about the rapture.

  • Jenn says:

    I feel kind of bad for the folks that believed–

    1. Maria Shriver. Say what you will, but I am sure she (like many of us women) WANTED to believe Arnold was better than the rumors, or would change…. or whatever we tell ourselves when we see the red flags.

    2. The folks that believed the rapture would a) come on May 21 (or October or whatever) and b) they would be swept up leaving the hell-on-earth (and their unpaid bills and dirty dishes) for the rest of us to deal with.

    I’m kind of serious– To have something you held true in your core (no matter how ridiculous thinking people may deem it) must be -I don’t even know, unsettling, discombobulating… I mean where do you go from there?

    now go forth and write more! :-)

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