Outside looking in

Here is a most excellent video of a last Saturday’s Morehouse vs. Howard football game, produced by The Root (Howard won, 30-27.). Looks like everyone had a really, really good time. I want to be a part of this, but an outsider I will always remain.

4 Responses to Outside looking in

  • Aunt Snow says:

    The marching bands are a true American cultural phenomenon!

    This makes me a little homesick for the neighborhood I lived in in Seattle – the CD.

    I don’t think you need to feel an outsider. I did not, living in the CD. I felt like I was a newcomer, a not quite assimilated person, but no one ever made me feel like an outsider, they welcomed me. Maybe you just need to…..go a little more inside.

  • MAYBELLINE says:

    “but an outsider I will always remain.” Why?

  • kerryanne says:

    How cool! The marching bands are amazing. In the city where I grew up, every year there was a massive marching band competition- predominantly African American. Tickets sold out in hours because they were just phenomenal- as sweet as the mostly white ones were, they were just kind of boring…

  • That looked like the best time EVER. I may be crazy, but that looks like the closest an African American could come to feeling what white privilege feels like.

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