A New Year Question

Can all food be prepared gluten free so we no longer have to talk about it?


2 Responses to A New Year Question

  • Niki Samek says:

    I’ve loved this stuff my whole. Entire. Life.
    And recently lived on it for a few weeks while I was ill as it is my comfort food.
    A giant blue box of Kraft could indeed replace my headstone
    When I die and i would surly rest in peace…
    Until I realized (was diagnosed with) not only
    Wheat intolerance but also both Yellow dye ‘s # 5 & 6 intolerance.

    This amazingly delicious little box of gluten and Yellow was actually
    What (among a few other things) was causing my illness in the first
    There is no god.

    Dreaming of the day that Kraft makes not only gluten free but, Yellow dyes free
    As well…

  • Aunt Snow says:

    Funny! (I have a shameful weakness for Kraft Mac & Cheese, I confess)

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