Just. Stop. It.

This trend has made it’s way to Target, which does not mean it is okay or good or should be tried or any combination of the three. In fact, it means it’s going to get even worse.

Camel toe is a better look than these sneakers.

Camel toe is a better look than these sneakers.

The wedge sneaker must stop. So please. All you fashion bloggers: As if you aren’t making fashion loathsome enough already, quit talking about and/or wearing these hideous abominations. No, they do not dress down your boyfriend jeans. No, they do not go from day-to-night with a fancier purse. And no, they are definitely not the “epitome of downtown cool.” They look horrid and one day, you will look back at your photos and lament  your choice to not only wear these shoes, but to endlessly foist them on the reasonable women of America.



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